“We Die” live video!

Check out this multi-camera HD shoot of Crown For Ashes, rocking out live from Better Than Fred’s in Grande Prairie AB!

Free music on Noisetrade

Download a free three-song “Live + Unreleased” sampler from

Album preview!

We just posted a recorded-live-off-the-floor video for one the heavier tracks on the upcoming album Letters From The Wasteland. Here is “WE DIE” to rock your socks off. Like & share!

Two big projects this year…

Nathanael and Melissa have been working hard on two things: makin’ a record and makin’ a baby. Heck if you really look at it it’s the second full album they’re doing (counting the Elijah’s Tomb s/t) and the second baby! What that means: the record, nine tracks of BLUES-INJECTED HEAVY METAL awesomeness, will be done when it’s done.

When it is done? It’s gonna be killer diller no filler miller.

Stay tuned, thanks for all your love and support.